Zsigmond Gerlóczy: Narrow Path (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Zsigmond Gerlóczy - piano

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Zsigmond Gerlóczy, a twenty-eight-year-old pianist from Budapest, is a versatile, inquisitive musician. Since the age of eight, he has been a dedicated ambassador of free, yet thematically cohesive improvisation. Since the age of nine, he has been giving entirely improvised solo piano concerts, reflecting a myriad of musical impressions. World music, baroque, Viennese classicism, post-romanticism, bebop, funk, pop – Gerlóczy seeks to highlight the universal values of music from all these musical dialects, showing that the often untrodden paths reveal old-new truths.

In November 2023, Gerlóczy released his first solo piano album, consisting of improvisations, Narrow Path, which has been praised by many of the world's leading pianists and musicians, welcoming him to the forefront of the ever-renewing, ever-evolving jazz world, always open to new sounds and approaches. In March 2024, he visited his childhood idol, the reclusive Keith Jarrett, in his New Jersey home, where he found a lifetime of inspiration. From there, he travelled to Los Angeles to record his first album of vocal tracks with Israeli producer Davy Nathan, which will arrive on streaming services this summer.

On 28 June, he will be improvising, but characters from his debut album of the same name will also appear during the evening. Although some sections of Narrow Path are from the improvisation sessions Gerlóczy recorded at the BMC (and French guitarist Antoine Boyer recorded on video), this full-length solo show will be his first public performance at this venue.


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2024 June 28 Friday